Our Profile

Who we are

Sodhani Investments is involved in providing best in class services to investors in order to build long term wealth. The company employs an experienced, seasoned and dedicated team of highly trained and skilled professionals who are committed and work diligently towards fulfilling the company’s brand promise.

With so many financial instruments available offering ever increasing options for the investor to choose, it’s our passion to keep upgrading our knowledge & competencies and provide the most insightful solutions to our customers to help them achieve their goals.

Our Strengths

One of the biggest strength of Sodhani Investments is the unparalleled quality of services offering everyone big or small, access to world class services to build long term wealth.

  • Opportunity to build an additional source of recurring income without any capital investment
  • Practical ready to implement financial education to build long term wealth
  • Access to experts in the field of finance for any investment.
  • Investment Portfolio Restructuring services
  • Most suitable insurance plans suited to your profile
  • Best deals in financial products suited to your profile
  • Privileged Portfolio Management Software to track all your investments
  • Loyalty Discounts on transaction charges while doing any investments
  • Excellent customer care to answer all queries in the shortest time
  • You avail the best in class financial advisory services
  • Your circle of influence gets the best in class financial advisory services
  • You get the best deals for any kind of investments
  • Your get an edge while taking any investment decision with understanding and insight
  • You get access to best in class customer care service
Our Guiding Values
  • We treat customers the way we would want to be treated
  • We have a laser sharp focus on learning and want to be the first person our customer calls up to understand any financial or investment product
  • We strive to build the most efficient operations
  • We innovate continuously to meet the unmet needs of the customer